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Would you like to earn additional income by sharing your extra room, apartment, or alternative residence?  Do you enjoy meeting interesting people from all over the world? Let Your Travel Home work with you so your property consistently generates top dollar.  

We work hard to stay on top of the ever-changing industry to ensure our properties are clean, uncluttered and outfitted for all types of travellers.  Our listings are visually appealing, with informative and accurate detailing. We pride ourselves in helping our clients identify and adopt best practices and intitatives to improve their properties and help them stand out on these competitive networks. 

Your Travel Home has been providing Shared Accommodation Network (SAN) Property Management services since 2016. Our team has local and international property management experience in the SAN environment. We also have hands on experience in real estate advertising, interior design, managing corporate events, and leading condominium corporation boards. 

With our extensive industry experience and your choice of three different service levels, you can be as involved in the property management as you like or reap the benefits of a hands-off approach.

Your Travel Home is proud of the exceptional service we offer and we’re happy to provide you with references for any of our properties.

Let our HOSTING SPECIALISTS Help you Launch your property.

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Your Travel Home has been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process of setting up and starting to run my AirBnB rental. They were very clear in the explanation of the services they provides, and always strove to over-deliver on what they had promised, including a number of value-added extras for which there was no additional charge.

Your Travel Home started planning with me in Oct. We did not launch until March, but that was my fault, not theirs! They was extremely patient with me as I took care of the renovations and furnishings to get the unit ready. It was the perfect mix of patience plus driving me along to encourage me to get the necessary things done!

As part of the setup they drove to London on three or four separate occasions, and helped with the cleaning, furnishing, and photos of the unit to get it ready. The photos look absolutely fantastic and their marketing has been crucial to the early success of my listing.

For Your Travel  Home  the customer experience is always top of mind, for both their clients and for the guests of the properties. I consider them an integral partner of my short-term rental business and could not imagine doing it without them.

Derek Shank

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