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Shared Accommodation Networks

Your Travel Home  

Hosting  Management Proposal 

Would you like to earn additional income by sharing your extra room, apartment, or alternative residence?  Do you enjoy meeting interesting people from all over the world? Let Your Travel Home work with you so your property consistently generates top dollar.  

We work hard to stay on top of the ever-changing industry to ensure our properties are clean, uncluttered and outfitted for all types of travellers.  Our listings are visually appealing, with informative and accurate detailing. We pride ourselves in helping our clients identify and adopt best practices and intitatives to improve their properties and help them stand out on these competitive networks. 

Your Travel Home has been providing Shared Accommodation Network (SAN) Property Management services since 2016. Our team has local and international property management experience in the SAN environment. We also have hands on experience in real estate advertising, interior design, managing corporate events, and leading condominium corporation boards. 

With our extensive industry experience and your choice of three different service levels, you can be as involved in the property management as you like or reap the benefits of a hands-off approach.

Your Travel Home is proud of the exceptional service we offer and we’re happy to provide you with references for any of our properties.

Let our HOSTING SPECIALISTS Help you Launch your property.

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Starter Package

We arm you with the following services and tools to set you up for success:

  • Research comparable properties for competition and rate options
  • Capture the essence of your property and showcase its attributes with professional photography (you supply)
  • Build a personal profile and create property accounts on each of the SANs
  • Teach you best practices for excelling on the SAN
  • Write the story about you and your property to illuminate your listing
  • Provide a checklist you can use to manage your own property
  • 4-week timeframe to launch


$500 one-time fee



Advanced Package

After completing the Starter Program #1

  • Provide the Terms and Conditions of Occupancy
  • Create email templates for easy and timely responses to client queries
  • Design your property’s unique Brand, including a dedicated email address, logo and letterhead
  • Draft a floor plan of your property
  • Supply a Property Handbook
  • Create inventory checklist cards for each area
  • Consult on staging your house and providing shopping options
  • Offer daily communication with each inquiry from all SAN sites
  • Manage Scheduling Calendars on Multiple SANs
  • 6-week timeframe to launch

$1,000 + 20% per booking fee (6 Mo)

$1,000 + 15% per booking fee (1 Yr)


Full-Service Package

After completing Advanced Package:

  • Set up banking and manage all deposits and online bill payments, including utilities, services and external staffing
  • Provide monthly reporting from the Sage 50 accounting system
  • Supply Financial as well as Occupancy Reports
  • Manage trades and supplier relations, including repairs and regular maintenance
  • Offer purchasing assistance for decor and assets to stage your home, perfectly for the guests
  • 7-week timeframe to launch





$1,250 + 25% per booking fee



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